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We have dealt with many driving schools over the years. Mid-Island has provided us with competent professional instructors, quality and clean automobiles and reliable service.

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1. Q) What is the difference between drivers ed and private lessons?

Driver Ed has 4 students in a car for 24 hours and 24 hours in a classroom. With successful completion of the course and passing the NYSDMV road test 17 yr old students earn a senior license. This course is offered by high school and colleges. Private Lessons are one student and one instructor, home pick-up and return. Students 16 & 17 yrs old receive a junior license upon passing the NYSDMV road teat. All others receive a senior License.

2. Q) What is the 5-hour pre-license class?

It is 5 hours of classroom instruction required by NYSDMV before you can schedule a road test appointment. An informative class for new drivers.

3. Q) What is the 6 hour defensive driving class?

It is a voluntary classroom instruction for 6 hours. Upon completion you receive a 10% insurance discount and up to 4 points off your drivers license. An informative class to update licensed drivers.

4. Q) What do I need to take the NYSDMV Road Test?

A NYSDMV photo permit, a 5-hour pre-license certificate MV 278 or MV285. Teen driver 16 & 17 yrs are required to have 20 hours of practice and present form MV262 signed by a parent/guardian confirming the 20 hours of practice.

5.Q) What do I need to do to obtain a NYS drivers license?

You must be at least 16 years old and have a valid NYS learners permit. You can apply by filing an application at any NYSDMV office. Please visit the NYSDMV website for details, hours, locations, and online practice tests.

6. Q) Where do the lessons take place?

We begin by training you on local streets, the secondary roads, main roads and highways.

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