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We have dealt with many driving schools over the years. Mid-Island has provided us with competent professional instructors, quality and clean automobiles and reliable service.

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Driving Tips

  • Expect the unexpected
  • Slow down! Be Alert!
  • Pay attention to the signs
  • Know your route
  • Let someone know your plans
  • Rest before driving out
  • Check your engine, fluids,
    battery, & tire pressure
  • Allow for more time
  • Brake earlier
  • Stay toward the middle
    of the road
  • Helps avoid tailgating
    & road rage
  • Works at any speed
  • Reduces risk of collision or
    severity of an accident
  • Look as far ahead as your
    eyes can see
  • Always scan the road, keep
    your eyes moving
  • Check your mirrors frequently
    every few seconds
  • Look for the street & direction signs you need while
  • Yield to any pedestrians, bicyclists, or drivers
  • Use your signal to exit &
    check your blindspot
  • Always signal ahead of time
  • Always check your mirror & blindspot
  • Glide over smoothly & stay alert

Tips for Motorists

Sharing the Road with Cyclists, In-Line Skaters, and Pedestrians

  • At intersections, be especially alert for pedestrians, particularly children and seniors, approaching from the opposite direction. Children often run out into the road.

  • Watch for pedestrians at night and along rural roads.

  • Speed Kills! Speed is a particular risk to pedestrians, bicyclists and in-line skaters. Always obey the speed limit, especially in residential neighborhoods and school zones.

  • As motorists, we're conditioned to watch for large obstacles, such as vans and tractor trailers. Although cyclists and in-line skaters are no bigger than pedestrians, we need to expect them on the roadway. Make scanning for pedestrians, cyclists, and in-line skaters second nature.

  • Don't blast your horn when approaching bicyclists, in-line skaters and pedestrians. You could startle them and cause a crash. A gentle "toot" from several hundred feet back may be acceptable if the cyclist, skater and/or pedestrian appears unaware of you approach.

  • Don't assume cyclists will position themselves on the road as far to the right as possible. Smart cyclists plot a line straight down the roadway 3-4 feet from the curb or parked cars. This allows them space to avoid road hazards and to be more visible to motorists and pedestrians.

  • Allow plenty of space when passing a bicycle or skater. Just as the wind produced by a passing tractor-trailer can pull a car off course, so too can a passing car cause a cyclist or in-line skater to swerve out of control.

  • When passing by a cyclist or in-line skater, check over your shoulder to make sure you have allowed adequate distance before merging back in or attempting a right hand turn. Experienced bicyclists can ride 20-25 mph and may be closer than you think.

  • New York State Law requires motorists to change lanes to pass cyclists and in-line skaters. This means that on curving, narrow roads you should slow down and remain behind the cyclist or in-line skater until you can see far enough down the left-hand lane to pull out and clear the cyclist safely.

  • Be aware that when a road is too narrow for cars and bikes to ride safely side by side, bicyclists and in-line skaters should ride in or near the center of the lane to discourage motorists from trying to pass them.

  • Some roads have bike or in-line skate lanes along side them. Cyclists and in-line skaters are required to use these lanes, but may enter into a vehicle's lane in order to execute a Left turn or to avoid a hazard.

  • Use caution at intersections. A motorist's unexpected turn into a cyclist's travel lane is a common cause of bike-motor vehicle crashes.

  • Motorists should use eye contact to acknowledge the presence of a bicyclist or in-line skater who has stopped at an intersection or a pedestrian who is waiting to cross the street. Yield to them when appropriate.

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