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We have dealt with many driving schools over the years. Mid-Island has provided us with competent professional instructors, quality and clean automobiles and reliable service.

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5hr Pre-License Course

Saturday classes are held from 10:30am to 3:30pm
Thursday classes are held from 5:30pm to 10:30pm.
Refer to calendar for dates


  • You must have a New York State Learners Permit to attend the class.

  • This class is required for all new drivers before a road test appointment can be made.

  • The fee is $50.00
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6hr Defensive Driving

Sunday classes are held from 9:00am to 3:00pm
Weekday classes are held from 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Must attend both 3 hour sessions
Refer to calendar for dates

The fee is $50.00 or take the CLASS ONLINE with all the same benefits and save $5. Use promo code CDC


  • 10% Discount on your insurance for 3-years

  • 4-Points off your license

  • Get updated and learn safe driving techniques

Click Green Reserve Button to the left to schedule a course or click underneath desired date for more detail.

Private Driving Lessons

We offer an evaluation lesson and have
5,10, and 20 lesson discount packages.

Lesson Pricing:

(45min.) $59.00
(60min.) $69.00

Nighttime Per-Lesson Additional $7.00

Lesson Packages: (Lessons 45 min)

  • 5 ..................................... $283.00
  • 10 ................................... $557.00
  • 20 ................................... $1092.00
Private Lessons

Lessons are private with one student and one instructor. They include pick-up/drop-off service.

We have programs for new drivers and refresher programs for licensed drivers. We specialize in preparing new drivers of all ages and all parts of the world to pass the NYSDMV Road Test.

Private Lessons are given by NYSDMV Certified Driving Instructors; each with over 25 years of driving experience. They are patient, professional, courteous, and friendly.

Road Test Service

Free home pick up 90 minutes before Road Test. You get a Full lesson, Practice Road Test, and Return Home. We cover Parking, 3 Point Turn, Stop Signs, Turns, Traffic, etc.

The fee is $156.00
Call for long distance rates


  • NYSDMV Photo Permit or Temporary Permit and NYSDMV Photo I.D.

  • 5-Hour Pre-License Course Certification (MV278) or have completed a High School Drivers Ed.Course (MV285).

  • Drivers 16-17 yrs old must have a 50-Hour Certificate (MV262) signed by a parent/guardian.

  • Drivers 17 years old who have completed Drivers Education do not need to wait six months to schedule a road test.

For more info call 631-724-3488 or


Teen Drivers 16 and 17 Years Old. Effective February 22, 2010 all teen drivers must have 50 Hours of practice driving, with at least 15 hours of night time driving before taking the NYSDMV Road Test. This can be accomplished with a parent, professional driving school or in combination. We have cost effective programs to satisfy this requirement

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